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EP released! Go check it out!

2012-03-21 13:37:02 by TheRealSam

Hey guys!
Well my first instrumental EP is out, you can download it here:

You can put wathever amount you want in the price section, and even 0 if you want it for free!

Hope you'll like it!

This is my band.

2012-01-25 18:47:02 by TheRealSam

Share if you like.

New video!

2012-01-24 06:43:39 by TheRealSam

Big stuff going on.

Well once again, a quick playthrough of one of my songs :3 Check it out

Hey NGers! I've just recorded a playthrough for my song Aokigahara De Aimashou, hope you'll like it!

Playthrough of "War is peace"

2011-09-14 12:55:56 by TheRealSam

Hey, I just recorded a quick playthrough of my song! If you like it, go check my facebook page: Sam D. Hyde

Hope you'll like, see ya!

New song/ Announcements!

2011-08-22 18:34:58 by TheRealSam

Alright everybody, if you haven't noticed I uploaded a new song which is a prologue to the EP I'm about to release. If you wanna hear it, just clic here Prelude - Reality Check

Also, I finaly updated my facebook page so you can go like it by clicking here: Sam D. Hyde
It would realy mean a lot to me if you could help me spread the word!

There will be a lot of new stuff coming up really soon, so be sure to check back often!

See you soon everybody and thanks in advance :)

Sam D. Hyde

This axefx is killing me.

2010-12-06 16:51:29 by TheRealSam

Quite hard to configure in order to get a great guitar tone. And strong mixing/mastering skills are needed. But this baby just buried everything I have been recording with so far.

If you wanna have a listen, here's the last stuff I did with it:

Enjoy or not.

Wind's Last Blow

2010-02-10 19:00:03 by TheRealSam

Hey guyz!
I'll make it short: my second band, Wind's Last Blow, has finaly a myspace and a song up!
Go check us out and tell me what you think!

Pic Unrelated

Wind's Last Blow