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Riffs are quite awesome, very groovy and pretty tight too, nice job on that!
The only that was weird is the mixing, it's quite bumping a lot, but other than that the song itself is really great, keep it up!

A well deserved 5/5 and 9/10!

LewisandJenkins responds:

Thanks for the comment :]
and yeah i hear it too I just dont know how to fix it xP

I will check out ur music :)

Quality :/

Hey there! Well the main problem of this track is the quality, it's quite badly recorded :/ That's too bad because the riff sounds quite good. Also, around 1:40 we can hear that you were starting to have a hard time with those tappings ahah, you should have found something else to do, like a nice solo following the main riff ^^ Because of that, it gets a little too confusing. My advice is: first get some good recording gear and second, add some variations, then it would be perfect :) Hope I was of any help ^^

hazi responds:

thanks. yeah my recording gear is terrible.

Dang dude

You improved a fucking lot since your first posts here, that's so awesome to see!! :D
Can't wait to hear more from you, make sure to warn me when your album is out!

Deathcalypse responds:

Thanks man, as soon as I came back on here I looked at your recent uploads (fav'd a few). Sick shit man!


My face when I heard the part starting at 2:15
Fucking mean ahahah, love that kind of riff ^^
Great work man, and I hate you for that solo XD too damn epic

AbsenceofFear responds:

Thanks! Whenever we play we get some pit action on that part lol.

What the fuuu

Godlike vocals, how can your singer manage to keep his voice so powerful for so long x) fucking badass ahah!
I agree with the guy below me, the intro fits totaly the song IMO, nice job!
Forgot to comment the drum sound on the other song, they sound awesome, did you record them or used a VST (I suppose you recorded them, but we never know ^^)?
Anyway, crazy riffing as always, keep it up, you guys are doing great!! :)

AbsenceofFear responds:

My singer loves penis and that's his secret, he'll never admit it, but it is true! lol jk. The drums we're recorded at dead room studios so no fake drums on any of this songs. REAL DRUMMER 100% lol thanks for listening dude! spread the word!!!!!!!

\m/ (>.<) \m/

So fucking brootal seriously! I agree with Dreamingdeath, vocals def sound like JFAC, sick growls, me likes!
The riffs are awesome and while the song structure is quite classic, it never gets boring (loving the build up effect at 0:21, so mean).
Keep it up, looking forward to hear more from you!

AbsenceofFear responds:

Thanks dude!

Nice work

For a toneport, your sound is sick! What guitar you're using? A# tuning eh? ^^ Yeah I know what you mean about bombvoters, they're fuckin everywhere around here... Anyway, it doesn't matter what your average score is, your songs are still awesome!

SwareBear responds:

Thanks dude, the only reason I put that is because I had a voter who had high points after like 3 5 ratings give me a 0 and it dropped me below a 2, which puts it near the back page so people don't see the track. Anyways, for this one I used a PRS Paul Allender SE, which is a great guitar for its price. My band is actually switching over to 7s soon, so I've been looking into some Ibanez/Carvin models. About the tone...Since I use the toneport so much I decided to buy the metal shop expansion, which is great....I can really get some nice tight, "djenty" tones out of some of the amp models. Thanks for liking the track, hopefully I'll be posting more soon (and I for sure will once I get my 7).


Can't believe how people can criticize your song that much only basing themselves on your sound. I mean, listen to the songs that are on the top 5 of the heavy metal chart, you can't say that their sound is THAT good. I guess it's because people that review you ACTUALLY know something in terms of music/mixing.
That aside, your music rocks, seriously. Glad to see a fellow musician into progressive/djenty/athmospheric stuff ahahah. You definitely should fix the velocity on those drums, pan the guitars a bit more, add bass, and this song could be BEAST. Try on some free guitar VSTs like the TSE x50, it sounds massive (perfect for djenty stuff). Also, go check on the Ultimate Metal forum, I found some very helpful mixing tips there!
Anyway, keep on the awesome work, can't wait to hear more from you!

SwareBear responds:

Thanks man, I really do appreciate the mix comments.....I've been trying to use x50 because I've heard nothing but great things about it, but I'm using Logic on a macbook pro and I can't find an AU version :(....Maybe I'll just get an e530 at some point ;D....Or just save up for the axe, but do you know any way I can use the vst on here. I haven't lurked much on Ultimate Metal, so I'll have to check it out. I'm actually a member on Sevenstring.org if you have an account over there (my un is Djent_Tent). Once my band has an EP worth of material written we're going to go into the studio and get it done professionally, as I really don't have the resources to record vocals at my house well, but like I said in my other reply, definitely keep up with my channel, I'm going to be posting more djenty stuff soon, and I'll probably be overloading the servers once I finally get my 7 ;D

Nice one!

Putting the sound quality, which is pretty good for a self production record (especially involving a free bass plugin ahah), the overall song is great, loved it, and especially the intro, awesome athmosphere there!
My only complain would be that it's kinda repetitive, mainly I think because of the lack of vocals, but don't get me wrong, this is still an impressive work (and especially for a first post here ^^)!
Keep up the good work man, see ya soon!

AlexPhott responds:

I do struggle with trying not to get my tracks too repetitive, it is very hard to write an interesting instrumental track. Especially since my music theory is very limited, being self taught completely.

Nice one!

Quite djenty and stuff, the riff at 1:52 and what follows after are just epic. Nice job!

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